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From Bogotá: Lagunas de Siecha Pnn Chingaza


This excursion takes the traveler to see the fascinating landscape of Páramo near the city of Bogotá. The Siecha Lagoons located in the Chingaza National Natural Park, one of the most representative páramos zones of the country along with the Páramo de Sumapaz, source of the water supply of the city of Bogotá, and a sacred place for the pre-Hispanic communities that inhabited the cundiboyacense high plateau .. Towards this point there will be a hike in the middle of the amazing páramo landscape to the Siecha lagoons formed by the lagoons of Fausto, America and Siecha, in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Guasca. Walk that is done on the 2,900 to the 3,800 msnm.

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Bogotá: Hotel, land terminal or airport.


Day 1
Tour to the lagoons of Siecha PNN Chingaza
In this trekking to one of the most important páramos area of Colombia, it starts with the departure from the hotel at 7:00 am, where you will take the exit route from the north of the city on the route to the municipality of Guasca from where we will deviate to take the road to the Chingaza Natural Park, Siecha sector. Once you arrive at the Park, instructions will be given on behalf of the officials of Natural Parks where they will inform us about the characteristics and sustainability conditions of this protected area. Followed and with our guide we will begin the walk to the important Siecha lagoons in a displacement of approximately 10 kms and at an altitude of 3,800 meters above sea level. It is important to note that the weather conditions are cold weather and swampy terrain so it is important to bring thermal and waterproof clothing as well as good shoes for mountain treks. After an hour of travel, we arrive at the lagoons that are located in a staggered way one followed by the other. The smallest lake is that of Teusaca or that of South America, since it bears a certain resemblance to the map of the continent, located at 3350 meters above sea level, followed by the Laguna de Fausto located at 3,750 meters, and finally the Siecha lagoon (Man of Water) at 3,800 meters above sea level. Visiting this lagoon goes back to pre-Hispanic times where the indigenous Muisca communities performed their rituals of worship, since for our ancestors these places were classified as sacred because they are the source of life water. It was thus that in 1856, a piece of gold in the shape of a raft that represented the mythical ceremony was found in the waters of one of the lagoons. Said raft that was called The Siecha Raft, A European museum fought for several years to obtain it, the museum managed to remove it from the country however on arrival in the German port of Bremen, the ship where it was transported caught fire, with which the Raft Siecha disappeared. After arriving at the great Siecha Lagoon and contemplating this marvelous landscape of moor, we will make the return to the entrance of the Chingaza Natural Park and from there to the transport to make the return to the city of Bogotá and be arriving between 5 : 00 and 6:00 pm


Private vehicle transportation Hotel - Chingaza Natural Park (Sector Lagunas de Siecha) - Hotel Entrance fee to the Chingaza Natural Park Walk to the Lagunas de Siecha - guide in Spanish Medical assistance card

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The service is subject to variation without prior notice, due to weather issues and / or any other event that does not allow the normal development of the itinerary. The reservation of the tour must be made in advance There is no lunch option, it is recommended to bring snacks, high-calorie foods, sandwich Walk between 4 to 5 hours / high demand / about 3,800 meters above sea level Temperature can vary between 13ºC to 4ºC Distance from Bogotá 65 kms Travel time in vehicle approximately 2 hours Wear appropriate clothing for cold weather, thermal jacket, raincoat, gloves, hat. etc Additional clothing or change in case of rain Comfortable shoes or boots for hiking type trekking No refund applies without prior notice


Transporte privado (propio del Operador).
Private vehicle transportation Hotel - Chingaza Natural Park (Sector Lagunas de Siecha) - Hotel


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