Puerto Francisco De Orellana 
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7d / 6n Excursion and Bird Watching in Coca


  • You can clear yourself of the stressed daily life and have an escape in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
  • This tour will allow you to observe the majestic bird species in their natural habitat. You can also learn about the wonders of the jungle, likewise, take a canoe ride and learn about the destinations that Coca safeguards in the depths of the forest

Departure place

The tour starts from the city of Francisco de Orellana, Coca. It is coordinated with the tour operator.

  • If you arrive by plane Quito coca will be picked up at the airport of the city of Coca.
  • If you travel by bus or private vehicle it will be the meeting point in the marina of the port of the city of Coca.
  • If you stay in a hotel in the city of Coca we will pick you up at 9 am in the morning after your breakfast.


Day 1
Arrival to Yasuni and Trekking
  • BREAKFAST , run on your own for once
  • TRANSFER , to the boardwalk of the Napo River where it will be given a general talk before departure.
  • ARRIVAL IN YASUNI . Then we will sail by motorized canoe down the river for about 75 kilometers for 3 hours to the station of the Yasuni Park Rangers where we will camp 3 nights in comfortable tents.
  • 04:00 PM TREKKING . After a lunch At 4 pm in the afternoon we will sail for 15 minutes. Then walk for 25 minutes to the first tower 45 meters high where you will see different species of birds.

Day 2
Watching Scarlet and Trekking Macaws
  • 06:00 AM, BREAKFAST.
  • 06:30 AM, NAVIGATION IN CANOA . Canoe sailing to the first parrot salting. In this saladero there is the possibility of observing 5 to 7 species of parrots depending on good weather and sunny weather.
  • TREKKING AND OBS GUACAMAYOS SCARLET Then we will walk for an hour to the second parrot parlor . Scarlet macaw macaws arrive from September to February each year. Observation of parakeets is throughout the year, to observe these species of birds you have to be very patient and be persevering, here you wait inside a shelter between 2 to 3 hours.
  • RETURN Upon returning to the camp we will pass by another path visiting a couple of owls.
  • TREKKING In the afternoon after lunch and a rest we will make a 2 and a half hour walk in the jungle to find other species of birds that inhabit the mainland.

Day 3
Obs. of Prehistoric Birds and Arrival in Piguali
  • 05:00 AM BREAKFAST
  • 06:30 AM TREKKING. Walk for 2 hours in the open field where many bird species will be observed. Arrival at the second tower where different birds will be observed.
  • RETURN TO THE CAMP . In canoe where we will serve a delicious lunch.
  • LUNCH.
  • OBS PREHISTORICAL BIRDS. In the afternoon we will lift the camp and continue the canoe trip down the river for 3 hours to the Pañayacu river canyon where it is possible to observe prehistoric birds Hoatzinstinking turkey, Osprey Osprey and other species.
  • ARRIVAL IN PIGUALI. Arrival to the sector of Piguali cocha where we will make base camp to spend 2 nights.

Day 4
Obs Macaws and canoe ride
  • OBS GUACAMAYOS. Before breakfast at 6 am in the morning, canoeing on the banks of the lagoon and estuaries to observe Blue and yellow Macaw Macaws, toucans observation, Red capped Cardinal. Golden headed Manakin, Cocoi Heron, Fasciated Tigeer Heron, Neotropical Cormorant, Aninga Anbinga anbinga, carpenters, monkeys, if there is much luck giant otter Pteronura Brasilensis.
  • OBS BIRDS . After a comforting breakfast we will navigate through the canyon of the Pañayacu river up to where other species of birds will also be observed.
  • TREKKING Hike in the jungle to a place where the cappuccino jumping, Golden heded manakin lives.
  • RETURN Return to the camp

Day 5
Arrival at Supay cabins
  • ARRIVAL UNTIL THE SUPAY CABINS. After breakfast we will lift the whole camp and departure by canoe to the Napo river to sail against the current for 3 hours to the Pompeii sector. From here we will travel by private vehicle to the Limoncocha scientific station where we will cross by canoe through the lagoon to the supay cocha cabins where we will spend 2 nights, arrival and location in the rooms.
  • RIDE IN CANOA. After a short break we will sail in a canoe to observe birds.

Day 6
Canoe ride observing different bird species
  • 05:30 AM NAVIGATION IN CANOA. Around the giant lagoon for 3 hours where full bird species will be observed. (Pavas. Cavalry hawk. Crying Unicorn Anbima Cornuta. Jacana Jacana. Grater Ani. Limpkin Carrao, Red capped Cardinal, Martine fisherman, Cocoi Heron, Fasciated Tigeer Heron, Neotropical Cormorant, Aninga Anbinga anbinga etc. In this place there are countless birds that until there is time to admire the amount of species). Varicose monkeys
  • RETURN A rich breakfast awaits us at the cabin. By noon there will be some activity coordinated with tourists.
  • NIGHT NAVIGATION After dinner there is the possibility of doing a night navigation around the giant lagoon to observe large and small black alligators, full lighting of fireflies and frog noises.

Day 7
Trekking or Canoe Ride and Return
  • TREKKING OR NAVIGATION IN CANOA. In the morning there is a flexible tour for a walk in the primary jungle for 3 hours to a giant ceiba tree. Or we do another navigation around the lagoon for the last bird watching.
  • RETURN , Return to the cabin awaits a rich breakfast.
  • RETURN TO THE INITIAL POINT. Departure by canoe to the scientific station where we will travel by private vehicle to Coca where the 5 - 7 or 10 day tour ends:


  • Bilingual guidance (Spanish and English)
  • Private motorized and land river transport
  • Purified water to drink
  • Lodging in camping tents or cabins
  • Complete feeding
  • Payment to all visits
  • Certified bilingual naturalist guide (English - Spanish)
  • Scheduled excursions full activities
  • Electric generator for charging cameras and flashlights
  • Rubber boots (only until # 44)

Not included

  • Guidance (German and French, 85 usd per day)
  • Personal equipment
  • Flashlight
  • Rain poncho
  • Binoculars or bird book
  • Breakfast on the first day or dinner on the last day of the tour
  • Taxes $ 12%
  • Extra meals and drinks
  • Tips or alcoholic beverages
  • Rubber boots (size larger than # 44)
  • Aero or land transportation Quito Coca - Coca - Quito.


  • Hike, trekking (included)
  • Bird watching (included)


  1. Service is subject to variation without prior notice, due to weather conditions (rains, huaycos, overflows, etc.), strikes and / or demonstrations and any other event that does not allow the normal development of the itinerary.
  2. Any cancellation of the service for the reasons indicated, no refund applies.
  3. In this case, the Operator could carry out a contingency plan with an alternative tour and / or vary the itinerary at its discretion, always to guarantee the safety of the traveler and the best development of the service as a whole.
  4. If you decide to withdraw before the end of the service, no refund applies.
  5. If you take or buy snacks during the tours, preferably they are light (dried fruits, cookies and water).
  6. If you do not attend the day of the service, it will be considered as "Done" with no place for Claims, Postponements or Returns.
  7. Seats in transfer mobility are not reserved, they are taken according to the order of arrival / pick-up.


Campamento o Lodge
  • A camp will be set up to experience the Amazon


Transporte privado


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