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Xplor Tour


  • In Xplor! Slip into the highest zip lines in the Riviera Maya.
  • Explore in amphibious vehicles.
  • Nothing in underground rivers.
  • Live a day of emotions.

Departure place

Please confirm one day before the date of the tour, the exact place and time we will spend at the hotel.


Day 1
Day 1
Start your Xplor All Inclusive adventure in a natural setting where you will discover impressive and ancient rock formations and you will be able to carry out activities with the most modern and safest equipment: drive 10 km in amphibious vehicles above and below the ground; navigate on rafts along two circuits of 570 and 530 meters long over crystalline waters. Fly over the jungle in the 14 highest zip lines in the Riviera Maya. Swim 400 m through a River of Stalactites. Walk through ancestral Caverns and make a fun Hamacuatizaje.


  • Two circuits of Rio to travel on rafts
  • Two circuits with 14 zip lines, 10 km of route
  • Two circuits, through the jungle in Amphibious Vehicles
  • 400 meters of swim in the Stalactite River
  • Cavern walk, hamacuatizaje
  • Energy buffet
  • Locker for 2 people
  • Rest areas
  • Dressing rooms and bathrooms
  • Equipment included zip lines: helmet and harness
  • Equipment included Amphibious Vehicles: helmet and amphibious vehicle for 2 people
  • Equipment included swim in river stalactites: helmet and life jacket, equipment included rafts: rowing gloves, helmet and raft

Not included

  • Optional activities
  • Shops


  • Water activities (included)
  • Zipline (included)
  • Routes in other vehicles (included)


  1. Wear comfortable beach clothes, bring a change of extra clothes and swimsuit, if the tour is with transportation, confirm the time and place of departure, carry cash or card to buy souvenirs
  2. For zip line activities the minimum height is 3.6 feet / 1.10 mt, the minimum weight is 88 lbs / 40 Kg and the maximum is 3000 lbs / 136 Kg; for the harness, the maximum waist size is 51 inches / 130 cm and the thighs is 27 in / 70 cm, in the case of children, the harness must be able to close properly, otherwise it can not be done activity
  3. The activity of Hamacuatizaje is for children over 6 years old


$ 152.04 per person

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