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8 days and 7 nights
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2 passengers
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8d / 7n - Sierra and Central Selva of Peru


  • Come and know the resources and tourist attractions of the Sierra and the Central Selva.

Departure place

  • Huancayo: Plaza Huamanmarca, in front of the Turismo hotel.
  • You can also pick up from the hotel where you are staying, provided that it is within the Monumental Zone of Huancayo, in low season and prior coordination and acceptance of the Operator.


Day 1
Valle del Mantaro Tour (Full Day)
  • Departure from Huancayo.
  • Hualhuas: Craft workshops and textiles.
  • San Jerónimo de Tunan: Craft workshops of the gold and silver process.
  • Conception: Dairy plant. Purchase dairy products.
  • Jauja: Laguna de Paca. Boat ride.
  • Ingenio: Fish center. Trout observation and explanation of its biological cycle.
  • Santa Rosa de Ocopa: The monastery has a museum made up of 4 cloisters; La Obrería (the statue of its founder), La Portería (pictures of the Huamanguina school with representation of the Via Crucis), Cloister of Father Pio Sarobe and of the Olive Tree (in the center of the courtyard there is an olive tree planted by its founder of more than 270 years).
  • It has a pinacoteca and library with more than 25 thousand volumes of books and a Museum of natural history with species of the jungle.
  • Its dining room has murals painted by the artist Huancaíno Josué Sánchez in 1993 and at the same time it has a church of the year 1725 of Renaissance style, declared a national patrimony.
  • Inside, there are baroque altarpieces, the cupola decorated with allegories of Christ, the Virgin and the missionary work of Ocopa.
  • Note: The museum visit time is from 9:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m., every day except Tuesday.
  • Return to Huancayo.

Day 2
Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve Tour (Full Day)
  • Departure from Huancayo.
  • Pilcomayo, Chupaca, banks of the Cunas River and the route called Abra Negro Bueno.
  • Chaquicocha
  • San José de Quero.
  • Open Black Good.
  • Chaucha.
  • Tinco Yauricocha.
  • Tomas (landscape area).
  • Alis (Uchco Canyon).
  • Tinco Alis.
  • Vitis (Laguna de Piquerecocha).
  • Huancaya (Main Park and Mother Church).
  • Visit to the Hanging Bridge, Calicanto Bridge, Huallhua Viewpoint.
  • 55 minutes trekking along the banks of the Huancaya River, where we will observe an endless stream of crystal clear water.
  • Return to Huancayo.

Day 3
Adventure Tour to the Nevado Huaytapallana (Full Day)
  • Departure from Huancayo.
  • Vilcacoto: Observation of Huamán Huasi.
  • Chamiseria: Landscape area.
  • Acopalca: Ex cattle ranch.
  • Geological Formation of the Lion.
  • Cordillera de Los Andes: Virgen de las Nieves - The stay, place of departure and arrival of the trek approx. About 4,595 meters above sea level
  • The one-way walk is through the hill Yanaucsha: We ascend to its peak at about 4,850 meters above sea level.
  • Retribution to the Andean Apus and realization of Apachetas.
  • During the walk we can appreciate a variety of flora, fauna and observe lagoons in the distance such as Carhuacocha, the Mellizas, Cochagrande, Ventanilla, Yanaucsha and the refuge for the climbers.
  • The walk is to the foothills of the Nevado Huaytapallana about 4,950 meters above sea level. Place where we can touch the blocks of ice and the layer of snow that takes over.
  • The return walk is through the same place of arrival to the room, where lunch is given.
  • Return to Huancayo.

Day 4
Tour Tarma "The Pearl of the Andes" (Full Day)
  • Departure from Huancayo.
  • Acobamba: Sanctuary of the Lord of Muruhuay.
  • Picoy: Main square and main Church.
  • Shaprash: Face of the bearded Christ.
  • Palcamayo: Main Park and Mother Church.
  • Grotto of Guagapo: The largest and deepest in South America.
  • San Pedro de Cajas: Main square and main Church.
  • Craft workshops and textiles.
  • Cachi Well: Saltwater Pools Pre Inca.
  • Return to Tarma.

Day 5
Junín Reserve Tour & Huayllay Sanctuary (Full Day)
  • Departure from Tarma.
  • Junín: Heroic Villa.
  • Historical Sanctuary of Chacamarca (Optional, depending on time).
  • National Reserve of Junín: Second largest lake in Peru.
  • Huayre: Monument square to the Maca.
  • Carhuamayo, Shelby and Vicco: Picturesque towns.
  • National Sanctuary of Huayllay: Stone Forest.
  • Hot springs "La Calera".
  • Return to Tarma.

Day 6
Perene Valley Tour (Full Day)
  • Departure from Tarma.
  • Carpapata viewpoint.
  • Cabello de Angel Waterfall.
  • Ducha del Diablo waterfall.
  • Tunnel of the Virgin of Chanchamayo.
  • Profile of the Native asleep.
  • Santa Ana: Main square and main Church.
  • Boca del Tigre Canyon.
  • Yurinaki port.
  • Bayoz Waterfall (15 minutes trekking).
  • Velo de la Novia Waterfall (15 minute trekking) - Optional, depending on time.
  • Boat trip on the Perené River.
  • Marankiary: Native community of Asánincas.
  • Highland Coffee: Coffee and fruit processing plant (Optional, depending on time).
  • Return to La Merced.

Day 7
Oxapampa Tour "Geocentric City of Peru" (Full Day)
  • Departure from La Merced.
  • Paucartambo Bridge: Boundary between the regions of Junín and Pasco.
  • Viewpoint of Meza Pata.
  • Typical houses
  • Oxapampa: Settlers' Square and Santa Rosa Church.
  • Floralp: Dairy plant - Purchase of dairy products.
  • Tunki Cave: Formations of stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Canopy practice (optional - on behalf of the passenger).
  • Pisciculture Center: Observation of trout and explanation of their biological cycle (Optional - depending on time).
  • Wharapo: Trapiche artesanal.
  • Chontabamba: Plaza and Church.
  • Return to Oxapampa.

Day 8
Pozuzo Tour "Colonia Austro Alemana del Perú" (Full Day)
  • Departure from Oxapampa.
  • Main square of Huancabamba.
  • Cataract of Torrebamba and Rayatambo.
  • National Park Yanachaga Chemillen.
  • Yulitunqui Waterfall
  • Prussia neighborhood.
  • Pozuzo Theme Park.
  • Cemetery of Settlers.
  • Shafferer Museum.
  • Emperor Bridge "Guillermo I".
  • Craft brewery.
  • Natural pools Guacamayo or Yulitunqui.
  • Gallito de las Rocas sighting (Optional).
  • Return to Oxapampa.


  • Transfers: Bus terminal - Hotel - Bus terminal.
  • 7 nights accommodation: 3 nights in the city of Huancayo, 2 nights in the city of Tarma, 1 night in the city of La Merced and 1 night in the city of Oxapampa.
  • 8 days of excursion (According to itinerary).
  • Tourist Mobility: Pool Service (shared).
  • Qualified driver
  • Tourism Guide in Spanish ( For other languages, consult ).
  • Entrances to the tourist attractions: Boat ride in the Paca Lagoon - Entrance to the Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve - Entrance to the Huaytapallana Regional Conservation Area - Entrance to the Guagapo Cave - Entrance to the Huayllay National Sanctuary - Entrance to the Catarata de Bayoz - Entrance to the Tunki Cave - Entrance to the Schafferer Museum.
  • Permanent assistance throughout the program.

Not included

  • Lima Bus Ticket - Huancayo / Oxapampa - Lima.
  • Alimentation and drinks.
  • Personal expenses.


  • Natural Areas Visits (included)
  • Cultural visits (included)


  1. Children up to 4 years old, do not pay. Children from 5 years old, pay as an adult.
  2. It also applies to Holidays (Easter, Independence Day, New Year, etc).
  3. Service is subject to variation without prior notice, due to weather issues (rain, mudslides, overflows, etc.), strikes and / or demonstrations and any other event that does not allow the normal development of the itinerary.
  4. The Itinerary may vary at the discretion of the operator, always to ensure the safety of the traveler and the best development of the service in its entirety.
  5. The start of the tour is from the city of Huancayo and the term of the service is given in the city of Oxapampa. So when purchasing Bus tickets you have to buy N ° 1 from Lima to Huancayo and N ° 2 from Oxapampa to Lima.
  6. Any Cancellation for the reasons indicated, does NOT apply Refund.
  7. If you wish to withdraw before the end of the service, neither does Refund apply.
  8. If you do not attend the service day, it will be considered as "Done" without any claims or refunds.


Hostal Retama Inn, Hotel Mi Tierra, Hotel D'Confort, Hospedaje Esperanza o Similares.
  • The accommodations are located in the following cities: Huancayo, Tarma, La Merced and Oxapampa.
  • They have matrimonial, double and triple rooms; own bathroom, hot water, cable TV, Wi-Fi and 24-hour reception.
  • Check in - Check out: 12 noon.
  • Accommodation in the establishments mentioned, is subject to the availability of rooms for the date of your trip. Otherwise, you will be lodged in an establishment of similar category and service.


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