Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 
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Bungee jumping


Bungee jumping is one of the most attractive and demanded activities of recent years and in Gran Canaria we were not going to be left behind.
  • With our climate and the spectacular sites that the island has, an adventurer's curriculum that does not include jumps of this type would be incomplete.
  • The location of the jump sites is perfect due to its easy access. The bridges used are unique since they have a passable zone, which makes them 100% safe from traffic.
  • Besides the basic jump tied to the waist or legs we have the superman, inverted christ, mortal back, deadly front, corkscrew and others, you can also come disguised if you want what comes perfect for farewells and birthdays. Your creativity is the limit!

Departure place

North of the island near Tafira Canarian garden.


Day 1
Bungee jumping
  • Bungee jumping consists of jumping from a bridge tied to the waist or legs to progressively accelerate and slow down in the same way.
  • In this jump mode, free fall and a feeling of emptiness are experienced, something that very few non-mechanized activities can offer in a safe way since the deceleration is progressive and there is no impact.


  • Photos.
  • Team.
  • Instructor.

Not included

  • Video.
  • Transport.
  • Lunch.


  • Bungee jumping (included)


  • The departure time depends on the weather conditions.

  • 1 PERSON:
  • Price: € 100
  • Photos: Included

  • 2nd jump: € 5
  • Video: € 5
  • T-shirt: € 5

  • 2 PEOPLE:
  • Price: € 75
  • Photos: € 5

  • 2nd Jump: € 10
  • Video: € 10
  • T-shirt: € 5

  • 3 PEOPLE: € 65
  • 4 PEOPLE: € 55
  • 5 or 6 PEOPLE: € 45
  • 7.8 or 9 PEOPLE: € 40
  • 10 or + PEOPLE: € 35

  • Photos: € 5
  • 2nd Jump: € 15
  • Video: € 10


$ 112.38 per person
20 cupos disponibles
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