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Callejas and Patios de Córdoba


A patio is an open space of the house that serves as lighting and ventilation of the rest of the rooms. The image of the Cordovan courtyard is the heritage of the Islamic house.
  • Learn the history of the beautiful Cordoban courtyards, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • We visit 2 - 3 private patios, as well as a tour of some of its streets.
  • A courtyard is distinguished by bedecked with a multitude of flowers planted in flower beds and pots, which are hung on the walls or placed on the typical pavement of Cordovan Chinese.

Departure place

Meeting point: Plaza de Capuchinos, s / n (Cristo de los Faroles).


Day 1
  • We know through history that the courtyards, as a physical space incorporated into the houses, existed in the time of the Greeks. The Roman influence incorporates the water in the patio and it is the Arabs who transform the patio into a socializing place.
  • At present, we can say that the vast majority of the houses in the Historic Quarter have a patio. We also know that it was traditional the visits of neighbors from one yard to another, during the month of May.
  • Today Cordoba is known for having, on a popular and festive level, a great Patios Festival as a unique celebration, providing the city with an incomparable hospital setting, in which Córdoba shines with its smell and color thanks to those courtyards that open their doors to throughout the month of May.
  • On December 6, 2012, UNESCO declares "the Festival of the Patios" as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  • There is no doubt that UNESCO rewards, especially and above all other elements, the immaterial, not the pots or the cane to water the plants, it rewards "the way of life that takes place in the patio", the fact that a group of neighbors open their doors to share with any visitor their most intimate habitat and which protects throughout the year with care and love.
  • The courtyards are not "mounted" in fifteen days. The patios are the fruit of years dedicated to plant, to place, to water, to hang and enjoy both the plants and the rest of the elements that make up a space of coexistence and enjoyment of all the senses within the framework of the home itself.
  • The visit starts from the Plaza de Capuchinos, very close to the center of the city. A beautiful enclave, where we will immerse ourselves in the narrow streets to know some of the most emblematic patios of Córdoba. The total duration is approximately 2.5 hours. The visit is possible in Spanish and English.
  • The start time is at 11:30 p.m. But we must bear in mind that the courtyards of Cordoba are private homes, which can sometimes lead to the visit being delayed or delayed. In any case, previously, you are notified. The route ends at the same meeting point.


  • Guided visit.
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  • Cultural visits (included)
  • Guided visits (included)
  • Historical visits (included)


  • It is recommended to visit with comfortable clothes.
  • Notify previously if it is done by someone with reduced mobility.


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