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Passages and Dungeons of the Alhambra


Granada, like every city with a vast past, keeps in its subsoil the remains of the ancient civilizations that built the city today.
  • For centuries they designed shelters, ducts, silos and passageways that are still unknown today.
  • The tunnels are impressive: they descend to about 15 meters from the surface and the total length of the different sections reaches the kilometer.
  • In his honor, the Catholic Monarchs chose the hermitage of the martyrs as the germ of the convent from which, in time, the Carmelite monk San Juan de la Cruz would be prior.
  • We will know the old "Campo de los Mártires" where centuries ago Christian prisoners were tortured in the gloomy dungeons.

Departure place

  • Granada: Press Kiosk in Plaza Nueva (corner of Elvira Street).


Day 1
Guided tour of corridors and dungeons
  • Start: 11:00 am.
  • The route starts climbing up the Cuesta de Gomérez towards the Arco de las Granadas from where we head to Torres Bermejas where the old prisons of the Alhambra are explained.
  • Then we will enter the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation, the Carmen Blanco, where we will visit the conserved parts of the passages that once connected with the dungeons of the Alhambra.
  • The visit continues in the old "Campo de los Mártires".
  • Once back to the starting point of this route, we will take the opportunity to walk through the most unknown alleys and corners of the Realejo district, the old Jewish quarter of the city.
  • End: 1:00 pm.


  • Guided tour of 3 hours.

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  • Meals, drinks and / or snacks.


  • Cultural visits (included)
  • Guided visits (included)
  • Historical visits (included)


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  5. Any cancellation of the service for it, does not apply return.
  6. In this case, the Operator could carry out a contingency plan with an alternative tour.
  7. The Itinerary may vary at the discretion of the operator, always to ensure the safety of the traveler and the best development of the service in its entirety.
  8. If you decide to withdraw before the end of the service, there will be no refund for it.
  9. If you bring or buy snacks during the tours, preferably light (dry fruits, cookies and water).
  10. If you do not attend the service day, it will be considered as "Done" without any Claims, Delays or Returns.


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