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The Portuguese Way by the Coast: Oporto - Santiago


  • Like the original Portuguese Way, this Way also begins in Porto. From here the two routes separate to return to converge in Redondela, and continue along the same path to Santiago de Compostela.
  • On this route you can enjoy the views of the Portuguese coast and its villas such as Poboa de Varzim, Esposende, Viana do Castelo, Vila Praia de Áncora ... and of course, the cities, towns and coastal towns of southern Galicia as A Guarda, Baiona and Vigo.
  • This is a recent route, but each time it has more influx.
  • Do not hesitate to undertake this adventure, from Porto to Santiago following the line of the sea.

Departure place

  • Port


Day 1
Arrival in Porto
Arrival in Oporto to undertake this adventure that will take you from this city to Santiago de Compostela following the line of the sea.

Day 2
Oporto - Povoa de Varzim (27 km)
This stage, which begins in the same place as the conventional Portuguese Way, but which deviates from the conventional Way to the coast.
In this stage we are leaving behind the urban core of Oporto and progressively entering coastal areas to reach Povoa de Varzim.

Day 3
Povoa de Varzim - Esposende (22 km)
The stage will take us through small coastal towns and beaches until we reach the end of the stage, Esposende.

Day 4
Esposende - Viana do Castelo (24 km)
A stage that combines both coastal and interior sections, both asphalt roads and rural roads.
The stage finishes when arriving at Viana do Castelo, after crossing its emblematic bridge.

Day 5
Viana do Castelo - Vila Praia de Ancora (19 km)
Calm and light stage that finishes when arriving at Vila Praia de Áncora, a very coastal town, oriented to tourism and summer.

Day 6
Vila Praia de Áncora - A Guarda (13 km)
Shortest stage of the entire itinerary. For those who want to walk a little more, it is possible to continue to Oia. This stage is marked by the arrival in Galicia, in A Guarda, right on the border.

Day 7
A Guarda - Baiona (33 km)
Stage that already takes place in Galicia. It is a long stage, and for those who want it, there is the possibility of dividing it in two, and staying in Oia.

Day 8
Baiona - Vigo (23 km)
The stage begins in Baiona, first place where the discovery of America was known. In its port was where the famous caravel Pinta landed, on his return from the new continent.
The route will take you through Nigrán, with its magnificent beaches, and will allow you to enjoy the views of the Cies Islands in the distance.
As we reach the end of the stage, the landscape will become more urban, and we will arrive in Vigo, the most populated city in Galicia.

Day 9
Vigo - Redondela (15 km)
Short and light stage, where you can take a dip in one of the many beaches that you will find on your way. You can also enjoy the beautiful views of the Vigo estuary.
The stage ends when you reach Redondela, where this Camino joins the conventional Portuguese Way.

Day 10
Redondela - Pontevedra (20 km)
From here you will see more pilgrims on the Camino, as a result of the conventional Portuguese Way and that of the Coast joining their route from here to Santiago.
At this stage it is recommended to see and visit the town of Pontesampaio, and soak up the historical events that took place there, as well as cross the Roman bridge of the Verdugo River.
The stage ends when you arrive in Pontevedra, a city with a beautiful historical center that we recommend visiting.

Day 11
Pontevedra - Caldas de Reis (21 km)
As we leave behind the city of Pontevedra, we will once again immerse ourselves in the most rural Galicia.
In this stage we highlight and recommend visiting the Barosa River Natural Park, with its waterfalls and mills, located in the Pontevedra de Barro locality.
The stage ends in Caldas de Reis, famous for its spas.

Day 12
Caldas de Reis - Padrón (19 km)
Quiet stage through small villages of Galician rural.
The stage concludes in Padrón, a town known for its famous peppers, and also for being the first point of land that sighted the ship carrying the remains of the Apostle Santiago.

Day 13
Padrón - Santiago de Compostela (24.5 km)
Pretty long stage, of the longest of the itinerary.
The section, which begins in rural areas, will become more urban as we get closer to the end of the stage, that is, Santiago de Compostela.
Once in Santiago, do not forget to go to the Pilgrim's Office to pick up the Compostela.
Also, we recommend visiting in detail the old area of Santiago, its squares and, of course, its majestic Cathedral, a gift for the eyes.
If you still continue with energy after the long journey, we recommend you to continue your journey to Finisterre or Muxía (Take a look at the Camino Finisterre - Muxía).

Day 14
Check out Santiago
Check out Santiago de Compostela. You have reached the end of the adventure.


  • 13 nights accommodation
  • Half pension
  • Transfer of luggage
  • Telephone assistance 24 hours
  • Credential of the Pilgrim
  • Route notes

Not included

  • Does not include services not expressly mentioned in the previous section.


  • Natural Areas Visits (optional)


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