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Enjoy Canoeing in Lunahuaná


Canoeing or rafting is a sport and recreational activity that consists in traversing the riverbed in the direction of the current (downstream).
  • The boat or raft is directed by a guide that is located at the back and the other team members are located on the sides to help the latter direct the raft.
  • Currently in Lunahuaná, boating is one of the most popular adventure sports and does not require a high degree of training for its realization.
  • We have a highly trained staff with the right equipment so that children, youth and adults feel for the first time the excitement of this adventure sport in the river Cañete.

Departure place

  • Lunahuaná: The pick-up point for tourists who find themselves without their own transport will be at the entrance of the Santiago Apóstol Church located in the Plaza de Armas.


Day 1
Adventure Sport Canoeing
  • The service starts at the Plaza de Lunahuana, or if the client prefers it from their lodging from there, we will move them to the starting point of the canoe, where they will be placed the corresponding equipment, which consist of life vests (Class V ), protective helmets (Protec, suitable for the practice of this sport) and we will deliver an oar to each of the participants.
  • Then the instructor will proceed to give a talk corresponding to the service, followed by a practice of safety and paddling on land to then embark on an unforgettable adventure through the waters of the majestic Cañete River.
  • Optionally, the GOPRO camera will be installed in the helmet to require the video.
  • At the point of arrival, the equipment will be delivered to the indicated personnel and then we will transfer you to your lodging.
  • The video will be delivered so you can take the experience home.


  • Crash helmet.
  • Rowing.
  • Lifejacket.
  • Guide service in Spanish.
  • Security talk.

Not included

  • Video Go Pro from the dedicated helmet.
  • Additional sports such as canopy and ATV.


  • Rafting (included)


  • Does not include holidays, Easter, Independence Day and New Year.
  • Prices subject to variation on these dates.
  • To the taste of our clients, in the river cañete we have routes of different levels, this depending on the season in which they visit us.
  • You can clearly differentiate two seasons:
  • The first occurs during the months of May to October, when the flow of the river descends to the lowest level (CLASS I, II), on the Catapalla - Lunahuaná route, where the practice of this sport is carried out with total safety.
  • The second season, which is usually from November to April, when the river is constantly increasing its flow, it is there that in a few weeks, level III and IV descents can be made on the Catapalla - Lunahuaná routes, and Lunahuaná - Paullo. You can also do level I and II descents on the Paullo - Socsi route. That is, in Lunahuaná, canoeing can be practiced all year round.
  • Class I. Very easy. almost flat water, very little turbulent with small waves. Fully navigable
  • Class II Easy. A little turbulent water with holes and holes of no more than 25 centimeters, small eddies without any danger for a swimmer.
  • Class III Intermediate. Turbulent waters with hollows and medium waves of no more than 1 meter, swirls of care for a swimmer and some consideration for a boat. Navigation requires good technique and knowledge of the river.
  • Class IV. Hard. White waters very turbulent but predictable. Gaps and waves of up to two meters, considerable swirls for a boat. Navigation requires very good technique and knowledge of the river. There are narrow steps that require complicated technical maneuvers.
  • Class V. Expert. White waters very turbulent unpredictable with waves and holes of more than two meters. Swirls and cascades of danger. It requires a degree of expert technique and very good knowledge of the river. Need for extremely technical maneuvers.

  • 1:30 hour approx.
  • Includes the transfer from the agency or hotel to the starting point, equipment placement, technical talk, simulation of paddling, and adventure in the river.
  • For boating wear polo (preferably synthetic material), shorts, flip flops or sandals.
  • Wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and / or repellent, as well as another change of clothes after boating.
  • Camera and / or video camera.

  • Not recommended for pregnant women, or people with heart problems.
  • Children from 5 years old and / or with the express consent of their parents / guardian.
  • The service is subject to variation without prior notice, weather conditions (rain, mudslides, overflows, bad weather, etc.), strikes and / or demonstrations and any other event that does not allow the normal development of the itinerary.
  • The Itinerary may vary at the discretion of the operator, always to ensure the safety of the traveler and the best development of the service in its entirety.
  • Any cancellation of the service for the indicated reasons, does not apply return.


$15 per person
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