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Official Show Paso Horse + Transfers


Enjoy the best Peruvian Horse Show and the dance of the northern sailor.
  • Live an emotional and vibrant moment. Enjoy a show considered Cultural Heritage of the Nation.
  • "The Show of the Peruvian Paso Horse and the dance of the Northern Marinera", has just been awarded the Best Artistic Show 2015 by the Chamber of Tourism (CADETUR) of the Region La Libertad.
  • The show consists of forty-five minutes of emotional and vibrant traditional Peruvian musical prints and its main objective is to disseminate and promote the image of the Peruvian Paso Horse to local, national and foreign visitors and explain why it is considered Heritage Cultural of the Nation, Flag Product and Licensed by the Peru Brand

Departure place

Hotel where the tourist is staying.


Day 1
Enjoy the most exciting Show
  • In the first part of the show a historical review of the origins of this equine race is made. It makes a nice explanation about the main characteristics and the difference between other equine races in the world. We present examples of various ages and talk about the care given to foals and filly in their early years. Each visitor has the opportunity to feed one of the horses.
  • The second part of the show consists of the musical numbers, such as Marinera Norteña on foot, on horseback, Peruvian feast, trujillano zapateo (a derivative of the Northern Marinera) with live Peruvian Cajón rhythm. The Peruvian Paso Horses are part of each of these artistic numbers.
  • Before or after the show visitors can take a tour of the back stables and photograph or film scenes of interest.
  • In the facilities of the fund there are services of first level of restaurant and where the visitors have the option to have lunch before or after the show.
  • You can also buy souvenirs of your visit, such as ponchos, hats, key rings, etc.


  • Private transport round trip from the city of Trujillo to the bottom.
  • Right to travel by stables
  • I seat under the shade during the show
  • Taking pictures and filming.

Not included

  • Food and drink.


  • Shows (included)


  • The hosts make the presentation in Spanish and - on request - also in the English language. French visitors are given an orientation card in their own language.
  • The service could be CANCELED eventually by the Concurso de Caballos de Paso that are held in the background and are organized by the Breeding Association of the region. In that case, the traveler will be notified in advance of any necessary coordination.


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